Pump Station Maintenance


At JIMNI Systems Inc. our technicians are extensively trained to handle any possible problem with your pump station. This includes all parts of the system including pumps, motors, controls, valves and piping. We provide monthly, quarterly, twice yearly, and yearly inspections and maintenance on Sewage and Storm water stations to ensure that all of your equipment is functioning at peak performance when it is needed.


Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs and helps equipment last longer keeping future costs low whenever possible. Our maintenance program includes electrical testing of motors and controls to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. Additionally, our Technicians exercise and grease both gate and check valves, as well as inspect all piping for leaks or cracks.


After an initial inspection of your system, we will recommend any ongoing maintenance, repairs, or equipment replacement necessary to keep the system functioning appropriately and reliably. We will provide estimates and quotes for any work or maintenance that we recommend as soon as possible (often the same day). We offer maintenance contracts and discounted rates for customers who contract for ongoing maintenance of their station.


Cleaning of a Sewage or Storm Water wet well is one of the most important parts of appropriate pump system maintenance. When solids are held inside of a wet well they have a tendency to congeal and cling to each other creating larger solids as time goes on. These large “mats” of debris will eventually sink to the bottom of the wet well where the pumps are waiting to attempt to pump them out along with the water. When these “mats” get too large the pump will ingest a piece of these large solids and become clogged. If the pump is left in this condition and attempts to continue running catastrophic failure can and “in our experience” will occur. This could mean repairing or replacing the pump and motor. Even worse is the possibility of a Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) which has the potential to include very large penalties and fines from government agencies.


Jimni Systems Inc. has its own fleet of industrial vacuum trucks specifically designed and built with this purpose in mind. The main goal of this type of preventative service is to keep clogging of pumps to an absolute minimum. Our Technicians will vacuum and pressure wash all solids out of the wet well (including entering the Confined Space with appropriate safety equipment when necessary) and the waste will be transported to appropriate Certified Disposal Sites in accordance with applicable laws. Jimni is happy to include this service in our regularly scheduled maintenance monthly, quarterly, and yearly depending on the needs of our customers and their systems.


Our remote monitoring and alarm notification system allows us to keep an eye on your pump stations assets from any computer or smart device. It has also reduced our emergency response time drastically.