Start-Up Services


One of Jimni’s valuable services is the day of start-up. Proper commissioning ensures that potential future issues are found before they become problems. This saves time and money down the road, when trouble shooting can become difficult. It can prevent expensive damage to equipment, and it is easier to correct these issues while the project site is in construction mode.


Thoroughly documenting the completed work on the day of start-up is essential. Serial numbers, electrical ratings, and site information are all helpful in diagnosing future problems. Proper documentation also ensures that each station is commissioned using standard processes and procedures. This provides confidence to the end user that nothing was overlooked during station start-up.


It is also important to remove the pumps from the wet well to inspect for proper operation. The primary function verified is the rotation of the pumps impeller. Some inspectors rely on an audible or physical manifestation of a pump spinning backwards. This is problematic because many pumps show little to no vibration when running backwards. That is why it is critical to visually verify proper rotation. While the pumps are topside, the technician can also inspect the condition of the pump. Damage to wires, casings, and impellers can be identified.


Submersible pump stations are often critical junctions in wastewater and storm water collection systems. End users should have the confidence that the station will operate reliably for years to come. Thorough commissioning services can provide this confidence.