Storm drains play an integral part in a sophisticated system that has been designed and engineered to take all of the floodwaters and run off from rainstorms and channel it safely into our cities drainage systems. Without storm drains we’d have to deal with flooded areas frequently during bouts of severe rain.


Storm drain systems can routinely get clogged with mud, sticks, garbage and a whole manner of objects that find their way through the grates and into the storm drain system. When a storm drain gets clogged with debris and/or garbage it can backup during severe rainstorms and flood your street and even flood your property which can cause extensive damage if it’s left unchecked.


Catch Basins are utilized in Storm Water runoff systems whether or not there is a pump in the system. These basins are designed to allow time and room for the storm water to deposit sediment and refuse that might be caught in the torrent of water before it enters pipes leading to the street. This is a critical part of the system that prevents mud, trash, and other debris from getting into pipes where it is much more difficult to clean and could eventually cause flooding during storms. We recommend that all catch basins be cleaned regularly by use of our custom vacuum system. Our Technicians will pressure wash all culverts (gutters) and the catch basin itself to ensure that all dirt, gravel, and plant matter is removed and disposed of properly.